As part of a series of studies to inform the Local Development Framework process, Worthing Borough Council commissioned HDA to assess the physical and environmental constraints on development in the Borough with a view to determine the landscape capacity of greenfield sites to accommodate future development.

Local Topography
Landscape Sensitivity

The assessment required detailed analysis of landscape structure and character to understand localised variation, ranging from areas of highly valued undeveloped coastline to the south, to elevated downland on the edge of the South Downs National Park to the north.

The study involved an assessment of landscape sensitivity, based on i) landscape character and visual sensitivity; ii) landscape value; and iii) landscape capacity and the potential for built development. It also took into account Green Infrastructure opportunities for mitigating the effects of development on the landscape and for landscape restoration and recreational use, and went on to set out Green Infrastructure strategies for each area.

The study also included Phase 1 habitat assessment of the ecology and made recommendations for further survey work and appropriate ecological mitigation. Following on from this work, HDA undertook a study in support of Local Green Space Designation applications being brought forward through the Borough’s Local Plan process.