Tree Preservation Orders and Planning Advice

HDA provides advice on tree related aspects of planning, including all aspects of Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) work such as making/revoking Orders and acting as Expert Witness.

Other services HDA can provide include advice to local authority planning departments on tree issues, including attending Committee meetings, Tree Officer cover, survey of significant trees within a conservation area, Planning Inquiries/Appeals and appearing as an Expert Witness when required, commenting on and writing reports on alleged tree related subsidence issues, providing advice (both written and verbal) to other Officers/Departments, Councillors and the Public, including review of existing TPOs.

HDA is also experienced at tree issues related to High Hedges, Hedge Regulations 1997, Restrictive Covenants and Conservation Areas.

project examples


HDA prepared woodland restoration proposals for a woodland estate in West Sussex, as part of a management plan which accompanied the successful planning application for a sustainable home in the South Downs National Park. The plan aims to increase native broadleaf cover across the estate, and create a mixed age structure with glades and rides. …


Warwickshire Police Headquarters is located in Leek Wootton, south of Kenilworth. The estate, the grounds to a Grade II listed Manor House, Woodcote Manor, have been the police headquarters since World War II. The preferred plan for the redevelopment of the site was to retain the site location as the police HQ in new premises …