Meet the team

A brief snapshot of some of HDA’s key personnel

Adrian Meurer oversees HDA’s ecology team as ecology Director and has considerable experience of providing ecological enhancement and mitigation advice to clients for a wide variety of projects, often combined with landscape proposals. Adrian has appeared as an ecology expert witness at a number of successful planning inquiries.

After graduating from Greenwich University, Anna Potter joined HDA in April 2019, and now routinely carries out a wide range of ecology survey work and reporting.
Anna has hands-on knowledge of conservation management through her time as an RSPB volunteer, including working on heathland and woodland restoration.

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Anna Senior joined the HDA ecology team in 2009 and carries out a full range of habitat and species surveys, and assessment work, including Ecological Impact Assessment. Anna is experienced in co-ordinating and carrying out visitor surveys, provides site liaison and Ecological Watching Briefs, and is skilled at preparing management plans and efficient mitigation strategies, including procurement of Natural England licences where appropriate.

Brian Duckett has been a chartered landscape architect for over 25 years and co-founded HDA in 1998.
As a landscape Director, Brian’s expertise includes landscape planning and assessment, Environmental Statements, mineral extraction (clay, hard rock and sand and gravel) and waste (landfill and recycling facilities), masterplanning and urban design for housing, mixed-use developments and urban extensions and expert witness at planning inquiries.

Christine Marsh joined HDA in 2010 with over 20 years experience in landscape design, and environmental impact assessment.
Christine’s key skills lie in landscape and visual impact assessment, particularly for highways, the waste industry, overhead power transmission lines, minerals, and for urban extensions.

Clare Bird joined the HDA ecology team in 2013 and carries out survey work, ecological assessment including EIA, site supervision, development of mitigation strategies, and habitat management.
Clare has experience of managing rail projects for an extensive number of clients, including emergency, upgrading and electrification works.

Don Newling is an arboriculturalist with professional tree inspection certification. He joined HDA in 2014 to lead its arboricultural services.
Don has a wealth of experience in both the private and public sector, including health and safety inspections, planting schemes, and hedge and woodland management plans. His experience as a Local Authority Tree Officer is a valuable asset when providing advice on TPOs and planning applications.

Hayley-Louise Snowdon joined HDA in 2017, having previously been a volunteer with Natural England. Hayley has a good knowledge of botanical, mammal and herpetofauna survey work, and is adept at assessing nature conservation value for a wide variety of sites and habitats, including the need for Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG). Hayley provides site supervision including liasing with clients and site workers, carrying out Ecological Watching Briefs for species including reptiles and Water Voles.

Karen Jensen orignially joined HDA as a PA to Moira Hankinson and still uses shorthand from time to time.
Karen is now the Practice Manager and Company Secretary, and has been dealing with the accounts at HDA for as long as any of us can remember.

Melody Chan joined HDA in 2018, following completion of a Masters Degree in landscape architecture at Gloucestershire University, and time working in the construction industry. Melody routinely carries out site analysis, and design, utilising her specialist software and hand drawing skills, and is experienced at site work and inspections.

Michaela Pozzetti joined the landscape team in December 2020, and has qualifications in both landscape architecture and geography. Michaela has experience in horticulture, GIS analysis, planning, ecological monitoring and conservation, and has enjoyed a variety of voluntary work, including work with Bournemouth Borough Council, and as a Conservation Assistant in New Zealand.

Before joining HDA in 2018, Shannon Davies worked for the Fresh Water Habitat Trust in Wales, surveying aquatic and wetland plants. Shannon now has extensive botanical and mammal survey expertise, having done more than her fair share of night-time survey work. Shannon is experienced at a range of ecological assessment and management, including Biodiversity Impact Offsetting.

Simon Elswood joined HDA in 2000 and has particular interest in strategic projects such as landscape character assessment, ranging in scale from National Parks and AONBs to parishes and individual sites. Simon performs a number of roles including overseeing the company’s IT capabilities and visual identity. Simon is a trustee of the employee trust which owns HDA.

Suzanne Absolom joined HDA in 2013 and undertakes various administrative and support roles, including dealing with accounts.
Su is an advanced first-aider.

Following a period of working in the north of England, Tanya Kirk returned to HDA in 2012 and is now a landscape Director. Tanya enjoys all aspects of the landscape profession, working for both private and local authority clients. Tanya’s skills include landscape and visual assessment, Green Belt studies, illustrative masterplans, and detailed design work including hard and soft landscape detailing. Tanya has undertaken many public consultation events and has presented at Examinations In Public.

Will Emberton joined HDA in 2019, having converted to a career in landscape architecture from a background in geology. Will is involved with the design and visualisation of a broad range of projects including developing proposals for housing schemes and the leisure industry. Will often undertakes field survey work, from both landscape and ecology perspectives.