In June 2016, HDA was commissioned to consider the landscape within a large site, with a view to promoting all or part of the site as a location for a new settlement. HDA prepared a Preliminary Landscape and Visual Assessment for the site (known then as Rye Common), to help inform the location and extent of the proposed new settlement.

Landscape Analysis
Visual Analysis

The baseline landscape information was used to carry out an analysis of the site, which included recognition of site constraints and opportunities, leading to the production of a landscape led Illustrative Masterplan. HDA continued to provide landscape advice and support as part of the subsequent masterplan development.

HDA was part of the team chosen to represent the site promoter at a presentation of the site to the local authority. The site subsequently gained the interest of a housing developer, which commissioned HDA to expand upon our preliminary assessment in 2019, considering a broader assessment of the site’s wider context, but specifically analysing the potential effects of the proposed new settlement on the nearby villages of Odiham, 2km to the west, and Crondall, 2km to the east.

Our subsequent report and evidence set out a comparative landscape appraisal between the proposed Rye Garden Village and another site being promoted at Winchfield.