HDA produced a Green Infrastructure (GI) and Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) strategy for the expansion area of Cranbrook, which conformed to national and local policy and followed the principles set out within the ‘Green Infrastructure Study for the Exeter Area and East Devon New Growth Point’. Landscape analysis was undertaken for the plan area, including analysis of landscape features and habitats. The findings were used to develop a Broad Green Infrastructure Strategy, which set out principles for more detailed design work.

Leading on from the Site analysis and development of a concept plan, the landscape strategy was developed hand in hand with the masterplanning of the four parcels and demonstrates the GI Strategy for the site.

The public open space and SANG within the landscape strategy would incorporate the following elements:

  • Formal sports pitches;
  • A Multi Use Games Area (MUGA);
  • Neighbourhood and Local Equipped Areas of Play (NEAPs, LEAPs and LAPs);
  • Allotments;
  • Informal open space;
  • Balancing Ponds and swales;
  • Green corridors accommodating existing landscape features such as water courses, hedgerows and trees;
  • New planting; and
  • Ecological Enhancement and Habitat Creation;

The broad strategy was used to identify more detailed and site-specific opportunities for Green Infrastructure. Design coding was provided for specific features including Sustainable drainage systems and formal play.